Image by Ben Stern

Ocean acidification and environmental change along the U.S. West Coast

Environmental vulnerability of the oceans is assessed through the studying of shellfish communities in California and Oregon. Questions explored are what shellfish communities are doing to adapt to ocean acidification as well as recording what barriers to adapting are present to eventually aid in informing improved policy. 


Ocean governance:

Marine Protected Areas and Blue Economy

Projects studying ocean governance explore new paradigms of sustainable developments considering topics of climate change, pollution, fisheries and conservation through justice and equity. Also considered are socioeconomic outcomes of Marine Protected Areas and wider integration of the public in conservation goals. Finally, we consider equity across ocean stakeholders and the Blue Economy with market-based solutions to global environmental problems.


Plastic pollution in Panama

A plastic cleanup project in Panama City, Panama working to decrease plastic pollution in the oceans by addressing plastic in the rivers. The project incorporates biophysical and socio-economic research to understand the impacts of plastics in the rivers as well as the social and economic drivers for river waste disposal.